• How do I start dancing?

    A great place to start is with our free introductory private lesson. Our instructors can teach you a few the popular ballroom dances, see which ones click with you, and recommend a path for more learning (we offer nightly group classes, two social dances each week, and private lessons all day Monday - Saturday). You can schedule that lesson anytime from 10am -10pm Monday - Friday and 10am - 5pm on Saturday.
  • What should I wear?

    We recommend wearing whatever you feel comfortable moving in (and possibly getting sweaty in) for lessons and group classes. For our social dances and special events anywhere from business casual to semi-formal is normal.Wear whatever shoes you feel comfortable in as well. Athletic shoes are fine, but shoes with a leather bottom (usually dress shoes) are less likely to stick to the floor.In inclement weather, please bring a pair of dry shoes to keep our dance floor dry and clean.
  • What about group classes? How do I go about joining those?

    Our beginning group classes are open to everyone. You don’t need any experience to have a great time and learn something new. You can also drop in for any class, or register ahead online. The instructor will start with the very basic step, add a move or two, and have everyone switch partners throughout the class to practice their steps with a variety of people. By the end of class, you’ll have learned the basic patterns of one dance (and hopefully be able to retain it). You can also drop in for any class, or register ahead online at vagaro.com/dancersstudio/classes. Classes are $15 or $10 (they’re listed specifically on our website’s calendar and we also have a a 10-pack of classes available if you end up really digging it and would like a discount on each class.
  • I have a GroupOn. What can I use it for?

    Our GroupOn is good for any of our Beginning classes (you can check out our calendar here. Don’t forget to take advantage of our free introductory private lesson, so you can check out everything our studio has to offer!
  • When can I go to Intermediate Class?

    The short answer on “how to get into intermediate class” is to take private lessons. They’re the easiest way to be prepared for more advanced classes with the foundational information that makes more difficult moves easy. The longer answer is: if there’s an Intermediate class you’d like to go to, if you can name the basic timing for that dance and three more steps associated with that dance, then you’re prepared.
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